Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret)
Phone: (314) 749-9099

CASY remains THE driving force in military Veteran, National Guard and Reserves employment worldwide

Dear Potential Investor,

I believe in complete transparency in everything we do inside of our organization, Corporate America Supports You (CASY). Our organization provides direct services and solutions that help our military veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves secure meaningful employment that is a match for their skills, abilities, and needs. 96 cents of every dollar raised is spent on our mission. See full financials here.

We are extremely dedicated when remaining a nonprofit who meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability, set forth by the Business Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. Our Board Members are all VOLUNTEERS, who pay their own way to board meetings twice a year. We never hire consultants, or vendors to create our marketing materials, websites, payroll, grant development and business development. Everything we do for our mission remains in-house.

We do not own buildings or property of any kind. We all work from home offices at CASY. We have ZERO overhead in this regard. We do not pay ourselves exorbitantly, nor do we want to be the focus of fame or glory. Our mission remains our focus and our outcomes are the best in the nation. Please view our hires report, published weekly on our website. To view our findings with BBB WGA please go to this website: Type in the nonprofit you plan to give your hard-earned dollars to. Review for yourself if the nonprofit you plan to give to, meets the 20 Standards to accredit them, or if they refuse to disclose their financials, or don’t meet all of the standards set forth by the BBB WGA. CASY is a trusted, credible, efficient nonprofit organization, which carries a long history of financial health and sustainability. We think long-term here at CASY.

CASY Collaborative Advantage
We operate with the highest integrity, as confirmed by annual audits from an independent third-party audit. CASY remains the number one nonprofit to the Call of Duty Endowment for our 40,000 verified Veteran Hires, efficiency and production. Our administrative costs are very low; 96 cents per dollar contributed by charitable foundations and community organizations which support our mission.

For applicants:

  • We advocate for you. Our job is to help you and members of your family find jobs.
  • We have a proven track record of success placing veterans and members of their families in jobs with above-average salaries.
  • Our services are free.
  • We protect your privacy. We do not sell our data.
  • We offer multiple training and development programs to increase your skills.

For donors and corporate giving and foundation investors:

  • Your contributions support highly effective, low-cost operations that help people in the military and their spouses find quality jobs.
  • Deloitte assures the accuracy of reporting and honesty of our spending.
  • We are among the few U.S. nonprofit organizations to receive the Call of Duty Endowment Seal of Distinction.
  • Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with military partners is a valuable asset that provides us access.

For employers:

  • We provide a range of resources, funded by our donors that help you hire, train and retain military and veteran talent.
  • Our Recruiter Connect program supports tailored hiring processes for each employee partner.
  • Free job postings and others services for small businesses through American Jobs for American Heroes campaign.
  • Train2Hire programs provide a pipeline of qualified talent with specific experiences and skills for selected employers.

For military partners:

  • We collaborate closely with you to orchestrate hiring processes consistent with numerous military programs already in place.
  • We are vigilant in remaining compliant with your current PII requirements.
  • We apply IBM technologies and services knowledge to track hiring and success metrics to document outcomes.
  • We provide training, resources and tools to support military employment counselors worldwide.

Yours in the Mission,
Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret)
Phone: (314) 749-9099

Mailing Address:
5445 Murrell Road
Suite 102-177
Viera, FL 32955