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Doing Good Is Good For You!

Doing good is good for you!

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Let’s face it, competition for available jobs today is fierce. The market is saturated with skilled workers for employers to choose from and each job posting often receives hundreds of applicants. This reality makes finding a job even more difficult for those within the military and veteran communities.

Career Corps takes volunteering to the next level and helps you to stand out in the crowd! All volunteers receive current work experience to boost your resume, training to develop your skills, and tremendous networking opportunities.

In addition to simply doing good, volunteers can take full advantage of our employment readiness and employment placement assistance services.

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Our CASY and MSCCN Career Corps Program is an intensive training ground which provides our Volunteers with real world work skills. We assign each Career Corps Volunteer a mentor inside of our team, and train them to work inside of our CASY and MSCCN recruiting and job placement program. We also train them on our world-class recruitment technologies and applicant tracking platforms. We have a 100% job placement rate of fully trained CASY and MSCCN Career Corps Volunteers.

USAA currently grants CASY and MSCCN to expand this phenomenal training program to more military-affiliated candidates. We utilize our fully trained Career Corps Volunteers as our force multipliers when we need to ramp up operations.